Do you feel bombarded by the information available over the internet and you are subscribed to podcasts, Youtube channels that you think you need to go through?

It’s very common scenario for online entrepreneurs to pile up a stack of “things to read, podcast to listen and video to watch” and you ended up being an information zombie. Odds are 25% that you’ll get to all of this.

Most of us keep feeling like we have to keep up and that builds a lot of unnecessary pressure. That’s where it makes so much sense to shift our focus on “Just in time learning” which is almost opposite to ” Just in case learning”.

Just in time learning is about only allowing yourself to consume information about the task you are currently working on. It helps you clean out the mind clutter for good and melt that guilt of the podcasts that you were supposed to listen but ended up watching Australian open.

Time shifting your learning to what’s important for now, You get more done with less stress.

In these days when there is so much amazing content on every social media channel, It’s hard to resist yourself. No one wants to miss out on it but sometimes it gives a sign of procrastination when you consume content that makes you feel better instead of going for what is right and required for you at the moment and we ended up telling stories to ourselves that at least we are working on that direction.

But at the end of the day, Results are all that matters and that’s where just in time learning focuses on consuming information that is required for that particular project or task on which you are currently working on. It helps you get out of all those great content that may work as a distraction for you at the moment.