While there are a number of companies providing seo services in Singapore, choosing a seo company in Singapore that actually gets you result, costs low and deliver faster is tough task, considering that the options are so many, competition is high and every company claims itself the best seo company in Singapore.

There are countless stories of people who got trapped into the gimmicks and false promises of companies who never delivered and ended up eating their hard-earned money.
To ensure that you don’t get into such a horrific situation, you need to be smart in terms of the questions you ask to the seo company in Singapore that you choose to hire.
Right questions and right answer can ensure that you do not end up being trapped and get to find a smart, result-oriented, cost-effective seo company in singapore.
Here are 6 most important questions you should ask to the seo company in singapore when hiring it for your website’s search engine optimization:

1. May I have a list of current and past clients?
Many of the seo companies in Singapore would make lofty promises and make huge claims about the success that they made. However, when asking them their past clients, they might either not give you any, or shall not give the correct ones (might give false sites that they haven’t worked with).
This is to be taken as a red flag and make sure that you stay away with such SEO companies in Singapore.

Choose a company that’s not only happy to share it’s current and past clients list, but also contact details of some clients, who you can contact and ask how was their experience.
Note: It’s understandable that providing contact details of each client is not possible for a seo company due to various reasons including confidentiality agreement,the company should still be able to provide some references that can help you analyzing how effective their seo services in Singapore are and thereby taking decision on the basis of their performance, not merely on the lofty promises.

2. How will you improve my search engine rankings?
Ask this question and if you hear the answer like “we use secret method”, ” we can’t share the method with you” and so on, Beware!
While its understandable that the Seo company in Singapore you’re hiring would not share the entire, step-by-step procedure of how they’re going to perform the task, giving clarity of it’s major methods should not definitely harm or hurt any of it’s interests/purposes.
The most ideal and best seo company in Singapore is the one that does not only clarify their methodology but help you understanding the various strategies it will be using which sets this company apart from other seo companies in Singapore.

3. Do you adhere to search engine’s webmaster guidelines?
You want a seo company in Singapore that strictly abides by Google’s publicly posted
webmaster best practices,
which specifically prohibit 12 common SEO tricks, including automatically generating spammy content and adding bogus hidden text and links. If the seo company in Singapore that you’re wanting to hire does not understand and follow the guidelines, your website may get into the danger of being penalized by google and other search engines.

4. Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google?
If the answer you get is yes, don’t wait a moment. Run, unfriend and never talk to them anymore.
Let’s understand that it’s technically impossible for any company to guaranty number one ranking on google since the ranking of any page is decided on the basis of so many factors, many of which are not in control of the agency making optimization.
It may or may not rank and therefore the company providing seo services in Singapore must be transparent, telling it upfront that the number one ranking isn’t guaranteed. Making the site ranked on the first page is possible though, amongst either of the 6 positions.
Also its a red flag if the candidate claims to have an insider relationship with Google or any other search engine that will get you priority search results positions. Ranking of the website is dependent on an algorithm and isn’t usually influenced by human intervention, even if some insider relationship existed.

5. What if we decide to part ways?
There are seo companies in Singapore that really get upset and take turn from their promises if you choose to part ways.
Its best to keep it clear from day one that any content produced, posts made and work done till the period of agreed contract belongs to you and that the company, if hired shall not remove anything if you part ways, whether your contract expires or you choose to terminate early.

6. What is your approach about content?
In a

Q-A with google
Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google told that content is one of the top 3 major factors that influence search engine results. Quality of content, placement of keywords and the overall content optimization impacts how a site is ranked and therefore, understanding content approach of the seo company in Singapore that you’re willing to hire is extremely critical.
Ask questions if the company can produce high quality content for an on-going basis and if they had any success producing content that has positively impacted search results.
Only the companies that are expert in providing content must be hired in today’s age since stagnated, old and un-optimized content is almost impossible to optimize, no matter how much of backlinks you generate.