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We use our creativity and skills to create a design that speaks your brand.

It demands some serious efforts to transform an ordinary brand into an extraordinary one.
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Blog & Personal Branding

There’s no denying the importance of personal branding in Singapore in the year 2017 as its proven from various studies that   Personal branding is largely responsible for the message your name (and face) transmits to the world. Because of this, it’s vital that your brand is built on authenticity and engagement.

Metabizverse blog and personal branding service in Singapore is designed for the forward-thinking individuals who are interested in marketing themselves as a brand and becoming the authority in order to gain more exposer, fame and revenue.

At Metabizverse, we parlay the sum of your collective experience into an indelible personal brand, creating exceptionally engaging blogs and branding website. Our services help our clients (you) to  Start right, launch with clarity and get expected lofty results within no time (both in terms of fame as well as revenue).

Our personal branding service includes:

  • Consultation with our highly experienced and expert brand specialists
  • Strategy calls to help you defining your/your blog’s core focus as well as the methodologies.
  • Tagline / slogan (deliverable 10 to 15 ideas)
  • Conceptualization, design and development of blogs that stands out and depicts your lofty personality
  • Copy: Executive bio of yourself written by our branding experts
  • Sales copy for products/service
  • copy:  product launch content
  • Content editorial calendar
  • Step-by-step marketing strategy
  • email list lead generation product / magnet
  • Interesting, authority-building and highly seo-optimized blog posts

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