At Metabizverse, we do not only make promises, we deliver and prove them over and again.

In this case study, we’re revealing behind-the-seen details about how we delivered 300% traffic increase, google first page ranking and more than 18 percent increase in customer conversion through our content writing and digital marketing services.

The client is a B2B SAAS (software as a service) provider for restaurant and food industry.


Business overview:


Client is a SAAS provider of an all-in-one restaurant point of sale and management system having extensive features related to all thing restaurant management end-to-end.

Target audience:

While its possible to deliver and use the application around the world, client aims to target United States specifically in line with their current business goals.

Following are the targeted industries/users:

  • Small, medium and large restaurants
  • Food chains
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • All types of hotels with integrated restaurants

Client expectations:

The client wanted us to write interesting, informative and authority-building content that can give ideas and knowledge to their existing customers and inspire new customers for buying their services. The posts were to be written under their investor’s and employee’s name and not using our name as a matter of exclusive branding that they wanted to create

Following were the major expectations of the client:

  • Write interesting content that can educate, inform and inspire new as well as existing customers
  • Content that inspires and persuade current and prospective customers for buying subscriptions and renewals
  • Get ranked on google first page for their chosen keywords
  • Get popularity and shares on social media
  • Receive more organic traffic
  • Receive more new leads
  • Increase sales conversions

Major challenges:

When we started working, there were several challenges that were to be dealt and conquer:

  • Business website was not search engine optimized (was not search engine friendly)
  • Website wasn’t having any prior authority built and was not being backed by any major brands/influencers
  • Website pages did not have interesting content that could establish them a brand

What we did:

As it was needed, we did a number of things in order to create successful results:

Website transformation:

As we took over the work, we completely transformed their website content as well as how it was being laid out. The design and appearance has been overhauled in order to create a site that’s pleasing to eyes, contains interesting content and is search engine optimized.

Content writing:


We began researching and writing highly interesting, unique and inspiring content

Examples of some of the posts we provided:

New Year, New Challenges: 4 Changes Impacting Restaurants in 2017

How to Calculate Restaurant Overhead Rate (And 5 Ways to Lower It)

How to Build Successful Restaurant Apps for Your Customers

Important elements used:

  • Professionally done text formatting
  • Bullets and numbering as per need
  • Text highlights wherever required
  • Images, infographics and screenshots
  • In-bound linking to relevant previous posts
  • Out-bound linking to relevant external sources
  • Call-to-action

Notable results and impacts:


  • Traffic has increased by 300% in 6 months
  • Website now ranks on google first page for chosen keywords
  • A flow of new leads and enquiries is received on regular basis
  • Customer retention rate has increased by 18% (an average of 18 percent lesser dropouts over the last 8 months)

While above results are exciting, we are continuing to strive and get even better results, ranking a conversions to help our clients grow, thereby making the success to reflect for us.

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