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Sales Copy and Video

Five out of eight smartphones in the world runs of Android, making it a huge potential for business opportunities. And thus, to assist businesses in reaching the mobile customers and to leverage the Mobile First approach, Metabizverse offers Sales Copy and Video to convert these smart devices into a business platform for you.

Metabizverse is a pioneer Sales Copy and Video Company with 8+ years of experience in providing Sales Copy and Video. We have a team of over a dozen Android developers who live and breathe this powerful platform. Catering to businesses from a varied range of industries, we have successfully created and submitted hundreds of Android applications. Most of these apps have created buzz on Google Play. We have created the apps for a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, entertainment, ecommerce, travel, social media platforms, crowd funding, gaming, productivity and many more.

Our Sales Copy and Video are seasoned with the first to the latest version of Android. It means, we can provide Android App Development Services for Android Cupcake to Android Marshmallow (Android M). If your requirement is a simple business app connecting a few users to something that target millions of users, we show the same creativity and precision while developing it. Our expertise with Android SDK, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, third-party APIs and Android Security Architecture makes sure the final output is up to the mark.

Highlights of our Sales Copy and Video:

  • High emphasis on interactivity and user-friendliness
  • Agile development approach with proven methodologies
  • Optimal use of Open Source Technologies to cut the expenses
  • Use of most cutting-edge development technologies
  • Comprehensive testing & quality analysis to heal the bugs
  • Deployment and monitoring for ensuring better performance

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