Training & Workshops

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Training & Workshops

If you want to become successful software developer, taking courses is important for some but it is not enough. You need to read more, study more and more importantly, PRACTICE more. We guide you to the correct directions, teach you the best practices, sharing our real world and market experience with you and your turn is to apply, practice and move forward. We all wish you the best of luck


Packeged track include Java SE course, Android SDK course and Project. If you want to be an Android Developer, you should start it right here.


Learn how to build web sites using  HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, MVC, WordPress, Drupal and more. It qualifies you to be PHP Web developer.

Highlights of our Training & Workshops:

  • High emphasis on interactivity and user-friendliness
  • Agile development approach with proven methodologies
  • Optimal use of Open Source Technologies to cut the expenses
  • Use of most cutting-edge development technologies
  • Comprehensive testing & quality analysis to heal the bugs
  • Deployment and monitoring for ensuring better performance

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